The Vineyard

Vintner, Gene Anderson, studied viticulture and wine production at Oklahoma State University and received the 2012 Certificate for the Oklahoma Grape Management Course. The four varieties of grape vines were planted in May of 2012. There are two reds, Chambourein and Noiret, and two whites, Traminet and Vinole, for a total of 330 grape plants. Viticulture is a very labor intensive process. The secret is being proactive for disease and insect damage prevention to ensure good quality of the wine. Vine growth is amazing to watch as some of the vines grow up to 15 feet horizontally on the trellis wires in one season. They are pruned back in February of each year to promote new growth in the spring, which results in new production for the late summer. The first harvest netted 750 bottles of wine and a recent harvest netted 1,500!