In 2011, an Architect and Interior Designer were engaged to create their dream on blue prints. They wanted a farm setting with a pasture for animals, a windmill as a reminder of the early day settlers water source, a cute chicken house , an orchard, a vineyard, a water feature with a Buffalo sculpture over looking it with running water, a swimming pool with hot tub, a beautifully landscaped court yard, a green house, and a beautiful yard with many diverse plants, trees, flowers and grasses. And of course, a beautiful home for family and friends to enjoy along with a beautiful barn to hold events in.

Gene Anderson, cousin of Richard was engaged to be the Builder of the project. Ground was broken in May of 2011 and the project was finished after three and a half years in September of 2014. Over 30,000 man hours went into the project. The vineyard was planted in May of 2012 with 330 plants from four varieties. The first grape crop was harvested in August of 2014. The first crop resulted in 800 bottles of wine.

The windmill was brought in from one of our farms , rebuilt and erected on site . We drilled three water wells which supplies water thru an irrigation and sprinkler system for all of the plants on the grounds.

The barn is built resembling an Amish barn with no nails, only oak pins to hold it together. It is 3600 sq feet and 45’ high. It was constructed from Douglas Fir lumber. It has a state of the art air conditioning and heating system called” high velocity” with a full commercial kitchen, bath rooms, and media technology. It is designed for meetings, weddings, and special events with capacity for 80 people. The roof is a “metal standing seam roof system with gutters and down spouts that deliver water from the roof into a 13,000 underground holding tank that we use for irrigation. A one inch rain accumulates 2000 gallons of run off water into our tanks.

The green house provides the opportunity to start plants there and transplant them to the raised garden area to grow vegetables. The chicken house has room for a couple dozen chickens to provide eggs.

The main house has a safe room which is 700 sq ft. and is fully livable with AC & heat, bedroom and bath. This room was built with 12” of solid concrete surrounding the entire area.

The Chisholm Trail Room is another 1000 sq ft living area over the garage which fully self contained for living as well.